The Department of Welfare recently completed the annual re-licensure  survey at Welsh Mountain Home on June 27th , 2013, and I received my report today. I am happy to announce that this year there was only one violation. In the  2007 DPW survey WMH had over 30 violations. In the following year we reduced those violations by half taking it down to only 15. We at WMH worked hard over the past 5 years to not only provide affordable quality care in a Christian environment but also excelled  in reducing regulatory violations. Even before the Affiliation occurred on  January 1, 2013 we have worked with Landis Homes/ Landis Communities in improving our care. They  have also provided   helpful guidance in reducing violations and helping WMH be a forward thinking, thriving personal care home. The results of this most recent survey  are remarkable. We have received the lowest violations in Welsh Mountain Home history. Early in  my leadership we adopted the motto “Achieving the Vision”. Today, with the help of our positive Christian relationship of Landis Communities,  we are truly Achieving the Vision. We continue to excel  in providing for the needs of the senior population with an affordable living option.. Thank you WMH Board for believing in this mission, thank you WMH staff in trusting the direction, and thank you Landis Communities for the support and guidance as we proceed through the future together.

Andrew O. Maines

Executive Director of Welsh Mountain Home at Landis Communities