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Dear friends,

As I write this, we are blessed to be without a known positive case of Coronavirus among residents of Welsh Mountain Home. I am extremely grateful for the dedicated team who have worked tirelessly in the face of this pandemic.

But the fight to keep the virus out of Welsh Mountain Homes has caused a serious budget shortfall.  Extra masks, gloves & gowns; extra costs of paper supplies due to serving meals in rooms; reduced admissions to hold two rooms as isolation rooms in case someone gets sick; increased wages as we try to increase housekeeping and disinfection efforts; screening team members beginning and end of each shift; the list goes on. NONE OF THESE WERE IN THE BUDGET.

So I’m hoping — asking — will you please send a special gift to Welsh Mountain Home by June 30 – the end of our fiscal year? Your gift can erase the budget shortfall and will help older adults receive the care and services they need.  The shortfall is a big one: nearly $50,000.

But generous donors like you will help keep Welsh Mountain Home strong. Here’s who needs your help:

  • Older adults with limited resources who need a safe home and quality, affordable care.
  • Team members who need the proper protective equipment to keep residents and themselves healthy.

Your gift on or before June 30 will help erase the Coronavirus budget shortfall and help meet the urgent needs of Welsh Mountain Home residents and team members. If this is not a good time for you to make a financial contribution, we certainly understand.

We ask that you please continue to pray for residents and team members to stay healthy and safe. Your gift by June 30 to the Coronavirus Emergency Fund will erase the shortfall and ensure that Welsh Mountain Home remains strong. That deadline is most important.

Thank you in advance for helping erase the shortfall and for being an incredible part of the Welsh Mountain Home family. To donate online go to and click on the Donate Now button on the right hand side.

Please stay well,

Mona Frey

Executive Director

Welsh Mountain Home