Jane Cline

On August 27, 2017, Jane Cline celebrated 10 years of employment with Welsh Mountain Home. Jane started with Welsh Mountain Home as a dietary cook in August of 2007. In May of 2014 she was promoted to Dietary Manager. Jane oversees the dietary department and makes sure that each resident enjoys each and every meal. There are even two snacks too. As a part of her role, Jane helps prepare the home’s order for food, dining, laundry, and housekeeping supplies. For food, she uses a variety of stores to get the freshest food possible at the lowest price. She works with our Director of Operations to get food from Feeser’s, Shady Maple, Yoder’s, and even Costco. We also receive donations from our local supporters in the community. Some of the shopping is done weekly while at other places we obtain products every three weeks. Jane enjoys keeping up to date on menu planning as the season change as well as keeping a recipe book for other dietary staff to follow. Just last month, Jane surveyed all of the residents for feedback about their dining experience. Jane enjoys the challenge of meeting the different flavors that our residents’ enjoy. One of her responsibilities is making sure that each resident receives their food in the proper manner. With our sit down dining style, most of our residents receive a normal portion of food. Then there are residents who receive small portions to watch and maintain their figure. There are certain residents who receive their food pureed or in a mechanical soft form per their doctor’s orders. Having to make that food presentable is a challenge. Jane enjoys keeping all of the orders straight for our residents. Since we have assigned seating at Welsh Mountain Home, Jane will do her best to match up new residents that come in to sit with other residents who have similar personality styles. Lastly, Jane fills in for shifts when other dietary staff can’t make it into work due to an illness or an unforeseeable circumstance. These are the many joys and challenges Jane faces each and every day as our Dietary Manager. Her supervisor, Tom Hopta, Director of Operations, states that “Jane is a very passionate and caring person. You won’t find another Dietary Manager who cares so much about our residents. She is always there for me. I want to congratulate Jane on reaching her 10 year milestone with Welsh Mountain Home. She has been a real asset to our team! I pray that God blesses her to stay with Welsh Mountain Home for many more years to come.”