imag0608Resident Nevin Musser, moved to Welsh Mountain Home in July 2006. He has a love for the great outdoors. Nevin is gifted in writing, has published books that includes scenic photos. Here is one of his poems.

A Naturalist’s Prayer.

We thank Thee, Lord, for mountains tall.

For forests vast, for waterfall.

For whispering pine, for spruce, for fir.

For hemlock, maple, juniper.

For trilling frog for singing thrush.

For hooting owl in twilight’s hush.

For mountain lake,for quite pond.

For stream bank lined with soft green frond.

For breaking waves on rocky shore.

For pounding surf for oceans roar.

For sun,for moon for stars in sky.

Creator, Savior, Christ on high.

For quite times on mount,by sea.

For places,Lord,to think of Thee.

For mossy carpet, towering grove.

For call to worship God of Love.