Scott Cassey  moved into Welsh Mountain Home in March of 2015. He was born and raised in Lancaster County and grew up in the Salunga area.   He is a graduate of Hempfield High School and Elizabethtown College, where he earned his degree in history.  While attending both high school and college, he played the tuba in the band.  Scott likes to travel. Some of his favorite memories are of going to Portland and Flagstaff Lake in Maine.  Prior to moving to Welsh Mountain Home, Scott worked at Goodwill Industries for 12 years.scottcasey

Scott enjoys the meals served at the Home and is grateful for the other residents on his floor.  He says, “it’s nice to have so many people to talk to each day”.   You can always find him walking around the property and joining in on daily resident activities.  We are delighted to have Scott as part of our Welsh Mountain Home family.