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I’m writing to you today about a woman named Evelyn.

Her story is important because Evelyn had to live in her car for three months.

The great news is that you can help her.

You see, after Evelyn’s savings ran out, she was evicted from her apartment. She had nowhere to go. She parked her car in the Walmart parking lot and got by the best she could. As the nights grew colder, she began searching for a place to go. But, her options were limited.

Sadly, Evelyn’s story is not unique. There are many other older and dependent adults who need a safe place to stay.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you send a gift of $82.50 to help Evelyn and others like her? That’s the difference between what Evelyn and others like her can afford to pay and the daily cost of care to live at Welsh Mountain Home.

Evelyn and other residents will see and feel God’s love through the love you show when you provide her a “day at home.”

A simple gift can change their lives. And you can do it right now, during this special season:

  • For $82.50, you can give a “day at home.” Home means safety, warmth, and home-cooked meals.
  • $165 gives two “days at home.”
  • $247.50 gives three “days at home.”

Please turn over.

With your help, older or dependent adults can start a new life at Welsh Mountain

I know it’s uncomfortable to imagine there are aging adults in our community who are homeless and suffering in the cold over the holidays. But you can provide all of the comforts that happen during the Christmas season for Evelyn and other residents with your generosity, today. As a compassionate person, you know how much aging and dependent adults need help. Their incomes fall well below the actual cost of the housing and care provided by Welsh Mountain Home.

Your gift makes it possible for Evelyn and persons like her to be given a home. You’ll help them enjoy healthy meals, make friends, and have the chance to live a dignified life.

I know that $82.50 might be a lot. So I want you to know that anything you send will help an aging or dependent adult feel safe and have a place to live for the long term. Your gift will help Evelyn and other residents at Welsh Mountain Home.

Please, give as generously as possible before December 31. Sincerely,

Mona Frey

Executive Director

Welsh Mountain Home

PS. Your gift by December 31 will give a Welsh Mountain Home resident a day at home!