Open enrollment for Medicare is October 15, 2018, until December 7, 2018. At Welsh Mountain Home, we strive to help our residents who need help in this area to guide them in the right direction at no charge. Our Director of Operations helps with this task by entering specific resident information into the system and then searches for the low cost plans that are available in the area. Some of the Medicare Advantage Plans result in no additional premium and include extra benefits like some dental, vision, and hearing coverage. They also include a prescription plan. The results of the plan are shared with the resident and/or resident family and the choice is ultimately made by the resident or authorized POA of the resident’s family. This is just one of the many value added unadvertised benefits that are enjoyed by our residents at WMH. For more information on residency at WMH please contact Melody Jacobs at 717-355-9522 x102. Happy Holidays to you and your family!