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On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, Welsh Mountain Home held its annual training on diabetes and insulin for all Personal Care Aides who work for WMH and are Medtech trained. 16 team members were in attendance for the annual required training which is required through the Department of Human Services. The training was given by a certified RN who is specifically trained in diabetes education from WellSpan Wellness Center at our facility.

Specifically, our team went over the functions of the liver, pancreas, body fat, and insulin and how they work with type I and type II diabetic individuals. We discussed the different foods and drinks that would both lower blood sugars and/or raise blood sugars. We learned about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and how to look out for symptoms for each condition in our residents and what to do. We discussed different types of oral medications to treat diabetes as well as insulins for diabetes that ranged from short acting to fast acting insulins that are on the market (including new insulins).

Each team member got to practice administering insulin using proper techniques and safety precautions on cushion pads. At Welsh Mountain Home, we utilize insulin pens to make administering insulin as accurate as possible. An example of a picture of an insulin pen that we use at Welsh Mountain Home in our personal care department is depicted in the picture above.

To learn more about living at Welsh Mountain Home, please call 717-355-9522, and dial extension 102, for admissions. Thank you.

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