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One of our happy residents.

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Celebrating Our Donors

Published: 07/30/2019

We are blessed to have many generous donors.  These folks support of Welsh Mountain Home is important to our ability to thrive.

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100th birthday cake

George Houck’s 100th birthday

Published: 05/15/2019

Today, WMH celebrated George Houck’s 100th birthday!  His family joined our residents and staff at a party in his honor.  The WMH staff donated towards a special gift for George.  We were able to present him with 100 - $1 bills...

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box of assorted jelly beans

Jelly Bean Challenge

Published: 04/10/2019

The WMH residents participated in a "jelly bean challenge" this morning! Each resident was given the same color jelly bean and was challenged to guess the flavor!  Even some of our staff joined in on the fun!

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Two residents outdoors talking

Springs Happenings at Welsh Mountain Home

Published: 04/10/2019

The garden has been cultivated and made ready to plant vegetables that are used  for meals this summer. Daffodils are in bloom, the fish pond is open and the goldfish have survived the winter. The bird feeders have been filled,...

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Residents playing Name that Tune

Name that Tune at WMH

Published: 03/13/2019

A big THANK YOU to Resident, Neil Horning, for facilitating our afternoon activity, “Name that Tune!” Everyone enjoyed a lively time together of guessing the titles of a variety of hymns and other familiar songs.  Thanks!!! Melody Jacobs

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Residents eating donuts for Fasnacht Day

Celebrating’ Fasnacht Day

Published: 03/06/2019

Resident at Welsh Mountain Home, celebrating' Fasnacht Day'  Dietary staff served freshly baked fasnachts from a local bakery. A tasty ending to their breakfast.

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Name that Spice

Published: 03/06/2019

We had a great time with Melody this afternoon, playing name that spice. After passing around a spice to smell, residents tried to guess what it was.  Once it was identified, we shared our favorite memories and recipes using that...

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