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One of our happy residents.

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resident celebrating birthday

The Sounds of a Special 60th Birthday

Published: 04/13/2021

Fred Reeser’s 60th birthday party was a reason to celebrate! As the cars drove past honking and dropping off gifts for Fred, Marie Hoover was filled with joy that even during the coronavirus, his birthday could still be special. Over...

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outdoor gazebo

Words for the SOUL, Words that bring SOLACE

Published: 04/13/2021

Waiting with Wonder: Stephen Fisher  Stephen Fisher loves to write poetry. As he experienced changes due to COVID-19, he turned to the written word to express his feelings. His writing shows both struggles that nearly everyone is feeling during this...

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two female residents

A Surprising Friendship

Published: 04/13/2021

Welsh Mountain Home has provided a place for Mattie and Lois to flourish and connect in ways they never expected. Prior to coming to Welsh Mountain Home, Mattie lived in her car for four months. “I can’t express it,” she...

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two hands together

An Aging Adult Needs Your Help!

Published: 11/24/2020

Right now, Welsh Mountain Home residents are experiencing tough times. In November, three of our beloved residents passed away from the Coronavirus. They are people with stories. They were loved. Since that time, more residents have tested positive, and while...

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